Gus Campbell


Hi! My name’s Gus and I make websites for charities, non-profits, and ethical businesses. I coordinate projects from start to finish.

With a University background in Computer Science, for 25 years I have studied, volunteered, and worked part-time in website design, development, and maintenance. With interests including technology, culture, communication, design, and marketing, I’m an expert site builder plus a pretty effective designer and editor too!

My sites are

  • Fast-loading
  • Mobile ready
  • Accessible
  • Appealing
  • Clear
  • Effective
  • Well-organised
  • User friendly
  • Reliable

Core personal values

  • Socially aware
  • An avid learner
  • Fascinated by visual communication & culture
  • Advocate for the responsible use of technology
  • Design solves problems
  • Do everything with reason

Recent work

The Ledward Centre

This pro-bono site for a fledgling LGBTQ+ Community and Cultural Centre needs to be able to expand as the Centre develops. I architected a core site for launch with menu drop-down capability for later use.

  • An image of The Ledward Centre homepage

Mental Health Learning Ltd.

A 20+ page website. I started with a Creative Brief and Content Plan, laid out the design, completed picture selection, wrote bridging text and headlines, then built the finished site all to time and budget. “I can’t tell you how pleased I am with it... Thank you so much for putting it all together.” – Alice Newton-Leeming, founder of Mental Health Learning Ltd.

  • An image of the Mental Health Learning homepage

The ASK Workshop UK

In early 2020, I designed and built the first official website for the facilitators of this workshop. Working with the stakeholders in the UK and Canada, I designed elements and layouts in Photoshop, then built the site using a popular, solid, basic WordPress starter theme.

  • An image of the ASK Workshop UK homepage

Other work

Here are some HTML5 Canvas multimedia samples written in JavaScript using the CreateJS framework:

That's all for now. Thanks for stopping by!