Gus Campbell


Hi! My name’s Gus and I make websites for charities, non-profits, and ethical businesses. I coordinate projects from start to finish.

With a University background in Computer Science, for 25 years I have studied, volunteered, and worked part-time in website design, development, and maintenance. With interests including technology, culture, communication, design, and marketing, I’m an expert site builder plus a pretty effective designer and editor too!

My sites are

  • Fast-loading
  • Mobile ready
  • Accessible
  • Appealing
  • Clear
  • Effective
  • Well-organised
  • User friendly
  • Reliable

Core personal values

  • Socially aware
  • An avid learner
  • Fascinated by visual communication & culture
  • Advocate for the responsible use of technology
  • Design solves problems
  • Do everything with reason

Recent work

The ASK Workshop UK

In early 2020, I designed and built the first official website for the facilitators of this workshop. Working with the stakeholders in the UK and Canada, I designed elements and layouts in Photoshop, then built the site using a popular, solid, basic WordPress starter theme. This site represents just under 50 hours' work.

  • An image of the homepage

Grassroots Suicide Prevention

Since 2012, I have been the Website Officer (now Digital Products Officer) for this small but high-impact charity based in Brighton. In 2019, I designed, built, and edited for them a new, search engine optimised WordPress site. Key performance indicators during the first 6 months showed 30% more visitors and 80% more page impressions.

  • An image of the homepage

Other work

Here are some HTML5 Canvas multimedia samples written in JavaScript using the CreateJS framework:

Older stuff (Flash - *won't work on mobile devices)

Here are a few Flash toys I designed and built in days past, when Flash was the future of multimedia.

That's all for now. Thanks for stopping by!